Negotiating rules

1. A deal is made not won.

2. Never take things personally.

3. Ask: If I reduce the price by 20% will you give me firm orders in advance? Central to this is the principle of exchange: you must give in order to receive. Do not concede ground unless you receive something in return.

4. Phrases that seem to lay down the law, such as “I insist on …”, should be avoided. Never undermine the dignity of the other party.

5. Distinguish between wants and needs.

6. Define a range of objectives you are seeking to accomplish. If you are not satisfied with a deal do not sign it.

7. Do feel free to reject the first offer received. Negotiations imply that you are willing to compromise on the issue under discussion.

8. It’s better to sell the wool than the sheep – main objectives should not be conceded but small points can.       

9. Put forward a proposal with as little emotion as possible.

10. Learn to read the other party’s needs.                

11. Say: I cannot negotiate under duress.

12. Make you final offer when the other party is receptive. Welcome any constructive proposals from the other party.

13. You need to be well prepared.                           

14. Schedule time each day to market your business

15. Follow up is the key to successful marketing

16. You will make most of your sales by following up with your prospects repeatedly

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